Covid-19 Update

Dear Members and Visitors

We hope you are well and taking care in these difficult times.

As we all know as from the 19th July the Government are lifted many of restrictions which have been in place during the pandemic.

The 19th is not a magic number, this virus is still very much with us and Government statistics indicate that the cases of Coronavirus are continuing to rise again, at an alarming rate.

With this in mind we would respectively ask that, where possible, members and visitors still remain vigilante and continue as before with the wearing of masks in confined spaces. For example; in the club room and when entering/leaving the club or whilst purchasing items from the bar. Please maintain social distancing; most importantly, when passing other members/visitors in the corridors and also ensure that any confined areas are well ventilated.

Although you may feel safe, there are a number of members that still feel vulnerable so just taking that extra little bit of care we’d sure would be appreciated by all concerned.

We have to stress, like the Government rules, the above is not compulsory. However, we, who act on your behalf on the Committee would really appreciated your co-operation in this matter.

Think safe, keep safe

The TNC Management Committee

A series of detailed Risk Assessments have been completed and are published at the bottom of this page.  The Club will be using the Covid-19 Secure plan that is outlined in the two documents that are linked. It is essential that all members read this information and comply with it.


Risk Assessments

  1. RA 001 – General TNC
  2. RA 002 – Meeting TNC
  3. RA 003 – Entrance TNC
  4. RA 004 – Reception TNC
  5. RA 005 – Club Room TNC
  6. RA 006 – Greenwood Hill TNC
  7. RA 007 – Wendy House TNC
  8. RA 008 – G1 Store TNC
  9. RA 009 – Wood Store TNC
  10. RA 010 – Committee Room TNC
  11. RA 011 – Elsan Points TNC
  12. RA 012 – Fresh Water Points TNC
  13. RA 013 – Main Shower Block TNC
  14. RA 014 – Control of Contractors TNC
  15. RA 015 – First Aid TNC
  16. RA 016 – Toilet Block (Play Area) TNC
  17. RA017 – Swimming Pool
  18. RA018 – Toilet Block (Main Car Perk)
  19. RA019 – Boules Court
  20. RA020 – Visitors
  21. RA021 – Activities Room (Above Main Shower Block)

Risk Assessment Log