Covid-19 Update

1st March 2022

Dear Members and visitors

The Committee have agreed that the mandatory use of face masks when moving around the clubhouse is no longer required, with immediate effect.

The control measures we have in place are; Ozone Sanitising, CO2 monitor, Ventilation, cleaning of surfaces and touch points, QR code, Covid compliance forms, Hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser, recommendation of carrying out Lateral flow tests before and after being at the club.  The covid-19 risk assessments are continuously reviewed in line with government information.

We have deep cleaned the clubhouse.

It is likely now that most (if not all) of our members and visitors have now probably been triple vaccinated and in some cases, the more clinically vulnerable will be having their fourth dose.

The R NUMBER has come down.

The infection numbers are still high so therefore we do recommend and welcome you to wear a face mask. Please don’t hesitate to wear one if you feel more comfortable.

Please remain careful by observing the personal space of others, regularly washing and sanitising hands as well as keeping the clubhouse clean.

As always please refrain from coming to the club if you have covid-19 symptoms.

The sauna will be reopened on the 1st April pending the conditions are right. The committee will review this aspect at the March committee meeting.

Kind regards
Helen Shaw
Club Health and Safety Officer

A series of detailed Risk Assessments have been completed and are published at the bottom of this page.  The Club will be using the Covid-19 Secure plan that is outlined in the two documents that are linked. It is essential that all members read this information and comply with it.


Risk Assessments

  1. RA 001 – General TNC
  2. RA 002 – Meeting TNC
  3. RA 003 – Entrance TNC
  4. RA 004 – Reception TNC
  5. RA 005a – Club Room TNC
  6. RA005b – Social Activities TNC
  7. RA 006 – Greenwood Hill TNC
  8. RA 007 – Wendy House TNC
  9. RA 008 – G1 Store TNC
  10. RA 009 – Wood Store TNC
  11. RA 010 – Committee Room TNC
  12. RA 011 – Elsan Points TNC
  13. RA 012 – Fresh Water Points TNC
  14. RA 013 – Main Shower Block – The Windings TNC
  15. RA 014 – Control of Contractors TNC
  16. RA 015 – First Aid TNC
  17. RA 016 – Toilet Block (Play Area) TNC
  18. RA017 – Swimming Pool
  19. RA018 – Toilet Block (Main Car Perk)
  20. RA019 – Boules Court
  21. RA020 – Visitors
  22. RA021 – Activities Room (Above Main Shower Block)

Risk Assessment Log