Visitor Information and Club Rules

We hope that you will enjoy your visit. If you are unsure about anything please just ask any members for assistance. We are a naturist member’s club who welcomes visitors both seasoned and those new to naturism who are genuinely interested in trying the clothes free lifestyle. As you may appreciate some try to visit for other reasons and we therefore have a more detailed set of guidelines than a normal club campsite to ensure everybody feels both safe and relaxed whilst enjoying our club and its facilities.

Visitor registration: We have an online registration procedure for all first time visitors to the club. This can be found on the Visitor Registration page of our website  To Visit you are required to complete the online form. If accepted you will be given a password which will then enable you to proceed to the website online booking system to make you’re booking.

By applying for visitor registration the prospective visitor accepts to abide by the decision of the clubs registration process. If a refusal decision is made the visitor will be notified in writing. The club will not enter into any correspondence concerning the reasons for refusal and the club will not enter into an appeal process.

Types of visits: We receive both day visitors and those staying overnight or longer with their own touring accommodation. Both can be booked by the online booking facility.  Day visits are restricted to weekends only (and bank holidays) between the times of 10.00 am and 18.00 pm

Visitors: Upon arrival press the star button (*) on the keypad to summon a member. Please allow some time as they may have to walk a fair distance first. They will direct you to the reception office for checking in and provide you with all the details necessary for your stay.

On your first visit, you will be required to provide a photo identity e.g. a Passport or a driving licence and proof of your address e.g. a recent utility bill. You will not be admitted if you fail to bring these documents with you.

Payment: The website booking system requires payments to be made online prior to the visit and the receptionist will confirm your full payments are made prior to you proceeding to your pitch or day visit.

Terms and conditions: A full set of booking terms and conditions are found on the website alternately a copy can be made available upon request.

Main Gate: To enter the club via the main gates a visitor’s code is required in the main keypad. The code will be provided upon checking in for your visit. Access is also available via the side gate using the same code. When leaving by the side gate press the green button on the post. When leaving the club site please stop between the two white lines and the gate will automatically open. When entering or leaving the site please stop after going through the gates to ensure the gates close and no other persons can follow without permission.

Visitor gate: Pedestrian access to the club is available via the side gate keypad. Use the same code as the main gate. When leaving by the side gate press the green button on the post.

Photography: Is strictly controlled and permission should be sought from a committee member. Casual taking of pictures or the flying of drones is not allowed. Please switch off dash cams before entering the club site.

Reception: reception is staffed at weekends only 10.00 am to 14.00 pm summer, 11.00 am to 13.00 pm winter. Outside of these hours please ask any member who will direct you to the officer covering reception duties.

Dress code: We are a naturist club and not a clothes optional club. We expect full nudity when the weather allows. This applies to all areas both in and out of all the clubs facilities including the woodlands. In particular no clothes are allowed in the swimming pool, hot tub and sauna at all times. Please ensure hygiene is maintained by sitting on a towel at all times. For inclement weather we suggest using a dressing gown when walking between facilities. Newcomers to naturism usually need time to overcome their shyness and this is expected however we do ask that progress to full nudity is made quickly.

Genital Adornments: Wearing of Genital adornments is prohibited within all areas of the club. Anybody doing so will be asked to either remove them immediately or leave the club.

Code of conduct: When on the club grounds any behaviour which is deemed unacceptable will result in the visitor being asked to leave the club immediately. At all times access to the club is dependent on the visitor’s behaviour being acceptable to the club. The club has a right at any time to deny future access to any visitor that it deems has transgressed acceptability. The club will notify the visitor in writing of the denial of access and any future bookings will be cancelled. The club will not enter into any correspondence concerning the reasons for denial of access and the club will not enter into an appeal process.

Children: Children under the age of eighteen are welcome when accompanied by adults. The adults will be responsible for them at all times. We have a children’s room, outside play area and other facilities which are free to use (with supervision). Please ensure the children’s room is left in a tidy condition when finished with. The club wishes to welcome young families into naturism therefore we do not charge for children.

Driving courtesy. Do not exceed the 5 MPH speed limit and note the one way system on the lower field. After unloading/loading your car please park it on the car park. Except in an emergency there is no vehicular movement on site before 8.00 and after 22.30. Should you wish to leave outside of these time please park your vehicle on the car park.

Pet dogs: Pet dogs are welcome at the club but must be supervised by an adult at all times. Dogs should be on a lead at all times within the club grounds including the Woodland. To exercise your dog without a lead they must be taken outside of the club grounds (not just in the lane).

Do not allow your dog to urinate on caravans, tents, cars, benches or buildings. Do not allow your dog to defecate in the main public areas of the site. Always immediately pick up your dog’s poo, bag and dispose of it yourself in the main bins by the gate (There are bags available in the reception if you run out). All dogs with the exception of guide dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse or any other indoor facilities.

Owners of dogs who are being a nuisance for example by constantly barking or being too aggressive will be asked to remove them immediately from the club. Any dog owner disregarding the rules will receive a warning. Further transgressions will result in the owner having to remove the dog from the club site and banning of the dog from future visits.

Accidents: Emergency services can be contacted from the phone in reception. First aid boxes are available in the reception and the main club entrance lobby. A defibrillator is available in the club entrance lobby. There are first aiders within the membership please ask for their help. In the woodlands there are first aid boxes at the two barbeque areas. Afterwards all accidents should be entered into the accident book in reception.

Wi-Fi: The club has recently upgraded its internet connection and cover throughout the site. The connection is now a dedicated line direct to the main servers so permanent connection and speeds are guaranteed and are suitable for streaming (Max 25Mb/sec limit). Coverage includes the camping field. Cost is free to everybody. Ask for the password on checking in. Please remember metal bodied caravans and motorhomes can restrict the signal coming in and an external booster may be required.

Clubroom: The main clubroom is open for use by all and incorporates a Bar, toilets, swap book library, large screen television, seating, darts and pool table. It is always open and warm. The fully stocked bar is only manned at the weekends (other times there may be members present who can serve you, please ask). Please ensure for hygiene reasons you place a towel on your chair before sitting.

If you look around you will see many pictures of past members working on the club infrastructure. This gives you an idea of the amazing amount of work that went into the making of the club. Throughout the year the club has functions with artists performing. Please check the notice board for details.

Main Catering Kitchen: We have a first class main catering kitchen which is not open for visitor/member use. It does however provide sandwiches for selling over the bar at weekends and at many times provides delicious meals for functions or at other specific times including Sunday breakfasts. When checking in please ask the receptionist for details of any meals that may be available during your stay.

Members/visitors kitchens: There are two kitchens for use by all. One next to the children’s playroom in G2 the other at the top of Greenwood hill next to the camping field. There are all kitchen facilities available including fridges that you can store food in. Please ensure they are clean and tidy after use.

Washing drying facilities: The Laundrette is situated to the side of the Windings house shower block (colloquially called the Wendy house) and include sinks and washing and drying machines paid for using £1 coins slot machines. Washing powder is not included.

Toilet (black and grey) waste disposal: There are five disposal site available 1. Next to the Laundrette, 2. Near to the children’s playground. 3. Bottom of the Greenwood hill next to the shuffle board court. 4. At the top of the greenwood hill near the shower block. 5. Next to the toilet block near G2.  Please hose clean and replace lid after use. Do not dispose anything else but toilet paper with the waste.

Fresh water: Situated in similar positions to the waste disposal pitches. Do not use the waste disposal cleaning supply (one with a Hose).

Waste Bins: In an enclosure next to the main gate. Please bag all waste before placing in bins and ensure all boxes are flattened first. We do not have recycling sorting facilities.

Showers: Situated in two main areas. In the Windings, and at the top of Greenwood hill. Warm showers at all times. A single shower is situated in the pool enclosure and we ask that everybody uses this before entering the pool and/or hot tub.

Toilets: Situated in five areas. 1. Main windings block (includes disabled facility) 2. Next to G2.  3. Next to Children’s playground. 4. in the rear of the clubhouse. 5. Top of Greenwood hill. Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper with the waste. Please ensure the toilet is clean when finished.

Swimming pool: We are very proud of our enclosed and heated swimming pool. It is open from April to October and is available for all to use. The pool is unsupervised therefore a competent person must be in attendance whilst anyone is in the pool. Parents or Guardians are responsible for supervising their children in their charge at all times. If the children are not strong swimmers they must wear the required safety flotation equipment.  There are pool floats, balls and sponge flotation mats in the locker for use. Also a water polo net.

No swimwear or any other clothing is allowed in the pool with the exception of toddlers where water proof nappies are required. Everybody using the pool (or hot tub) must shower first using a body wash. Running jumping or diving is prohibited. The pool steps are particularly slippery and care should be taken when using them. Outside footwear should be left next to the door. No glass or ceramic bottles or table ware is to be used within the enclosure. Non-breakable plastic wear is available from the bar. The emergency doors should not be used for normal entry and exit. The enclosure can sometimes become uncomfortably hot. Please ask a member to open the windows. Do not open the emergency doors. To remove the pool cover (or replace it after use if it looks as if nobody is to use the pool) take out the small covers next to the steps and operate the small dongle attached on the enclosure wall at the opposite end to the storage drum.

Hot Tub: A hot tub is available within the pool enclosure. It is open from 08.00 am to 22.00 pm daily. A chain barrier will be placed across the steps to signify if the hot tub is closed for use. Read the instructions first on how to lift the main cover. A maximum of four persons can use it at any one time. No children under 16 years old are allowed in the hot tub. Care should be taken when entering or exiting. No swimwear or any other clothing are allowed in the hot tub. Maintaining cleanliness levels of the water is a strong requirement and an automatic dosing system is fitted that ensures the correct chemical levels are maintained. Those using the hot tub however can play their part by showering first using a body wash even if they have been in the main pool.

No drinks to be taken into the hot tub. Overuse of the hot tub can cause users to become unwell therefore do not overstay. Limit your time in the water to approx. 15 minutes per session. The hot tub is unsupervised therefore a competent person must be in attendance in the pool enclosure whilst anyone is using it. Persons with infections i.e. verruca’s, open sores, wounds or any serious illness like heart disease, low/high blood pressure etc. should not use the hot tub.

Sauna: Situated: In the Windings shower room. It is free to use on Friday, Saturday, and Bank Holidays. See notice on door for exact timings and charges. Please do not pour water over the stones. Please sit on a towel. No clothing to be worn in the sauna.

Woodlands: The club has approximately 23 acres of woodland. It is both secure and private and there is no access by the public. You can roam freely without clothes safe in the knowledge that the only persons you will meet are other fellow naturists.  A map is available from the reception for use. Pathways are safe to use however we ask that you take care when using all the steps particularly the Zig-Zag steps which can become very slippery when wet.

There are several barbeque areas that can be used and we ask that you please inform reception first if you are going to do so. There are first aid boxes situated at the two barbeque areas. Should you need to use them please inform reception afterwards of their use.

Museum: The club site was previously used as a coal mine and we have our own small museum to celebrate its use. It can be found near the wood store in G3 and has many artefacts found during excavations and gives interesting historical information. If it is locked please ask reception to open it.

Local attractions: The club is on the edge of Telford which has lots of attractions locally for you to explore, for example The Iron Bridge and Seven Gorge. Including its many museums, Cosford aircraft museum, National trust sites like Attingham and the town of Shrewsbury. Too many to mention here. Best way is for you to search the internet or visit our website for more information?

General: Use of disposable barbeques or any other hot device likely to burn the grass must be positioned off the ground.

Please be aware that the club is run by volunteers and we would appreciate it if you cleaned up after using any of the facilities and before you leave.

The information provided in this information pamphlet is taken from the clubs Main Rules and Guidelines. For more clarification on a particular subject please ask a committee member.

A condition of visiting the club is that you agree that the use of all the clubs facilities is entirely at your own risk.