Becoming a member

Membership is open to all genuine naturists. Families, couples and singles, all ages are welcome

How to become a member of Telford Naturist Club?

 Telford Naturist Club Ltd is a member’s only social club with the basic principle being one of participation by the members in all its social aspects free from clothes in a full naturist environment. We are proud of our club and wish to welcome others with the opportunity to become members. It should not be assumed however that membership will be given automatically. Your involvement and interaction within the club both as a prospective applicant and as an Associate to the club, will be a major factor in determining your successful application. Membership of the club therefore in essence is by invitation only and is subject to the following procedure.

Becoming a prospective applicant

To start the process you will need to write (or email) to the membership secretary requesting to join. Verbal requests will not be recognised.

The Membership secretary will respond with issuing you an Applicants details for club membership form asking for all the standard information about you along with a starter pack of club rules.

Upon receipt of your form (including photograph) the membership secretary will review your responses. If satisfied the Membership Secretary will write inviting you to start the process and will define the start and end dates of your application duration. A Prospective applicant’s attendance card with your details will be added to the folder in the reception.

If you are also applying for your family or partner the process will need to be carried out on an individual basis and each applicant needs to comply with the process (children also).

You will then become what we call a prospective applicant. The process requires you to visit a minimum of four times. Each to be at least one full days visit within a calendar month. The duration therefore will take a minimum of four months. This can however stretch to a maximum of six months if you are unable to attend for some reason.  If the minimum visits are not achieved within the time period your application will be rejected.

As a prospective applicant you can only visit weekends, bank holidays and for functions. Normal visitor fees will apply. Should you wish to visit during the week (or a full weekend) you can of course bring your own touring or camping facilities and stay on a pitch as any visitor normally would. This will not count towards the minimum requirement but should still be recorded on your attendance record form as it will give you and the membership more opportunities to get know each other.

Each visit will require you to fill in the prospective applicant’s attendance card which can be found in the reception. Each calendar month the card needs to be signed by the membership secretary or if not available a member of the committee as proof of your attendance for that month. It is important that you do not forget to fill in and sign the form each time you visit. Visits prior to your official start date do not count towards your minimum requirement.

At the end of your stated period and subject to the minimum requirements being met you will be formally reviewed by the committee to continue the process of membership to the next stage.

If accepted you will be invited to become an associate to the club by receiving an Associate Acceptance letter.

If your application is refused you will receive a Rejection of Prospective Applicant letter and unfortunately the process will stop.

The actual application process timing is from your start date to the nearest committee meeting after your end date which of course may vary dependant on when your application started.


The success of your application will improve considerably if the committee or other members become familiar with you around the club. It is therefore in your interests to visit as many times as you can within your time period and make yourself known to members by socialising and helping out with work around the club. In essence joining in as much as you can and getting yourself known. Conversely if you visit for a minimum amount of times and remain socially distant from others your chances of progressing to the next stage will reduce considerably. In short acceptance to membership is not a foregone conclusion

If there are any problems with completing your application process due to any extenuating circumstances please contact the membership secretary who I am sure will be sympathetic towards any problems you have.

Becoming an Associate to the club

Congratulations if you have been accepted and you progress to be an Associate of the club. In effect you become affiliated to the club (not an actual member).

The Associate process will start from you receiving an Associate Acceptance letter. The Associate process lasts twelve months (or to the nearest committee meeting after your end date) from the date stipulated in your Associate acceptance letter. Apart from voting, assisting with club finances and obtaining a caravan permanent pitch you can enjoy all the benefits as a full member. You can visit when you like. Stay when you like and join in fully with the club social life. During the twelve month period just like in the prospective applicant stage you will be evaluated for suitability to join as a full member and we recommend that you get stuck in with socialising and helping out with the work around the club and importantly enjoying yourself.

Payment required will be a one off enrolment fee and your first subscription fee. This is the same as members pay but will be pro rata from when you started the Associate process to the end of the clubs financial year (end of April). The following year we ask for a full subscription payment. All fees regarding pitch rentals will be at the member’s rates. For actual values please refer to the scale of charges in the reception.

At the end of the twelve month period your application will be reviewed by the committee. Should you be accepted you will be notified in writing that you have been invited to become a full member?

If your application is refused you will be informed in writing and unfortunately your membership joining process will stop.


Hopefully you will appreciate that due to the very nature of our club we need to review applicants formally at the end of the Prospective applicant’s stage and again at the end of the Associate stage. You will however also be continually assessed for suitability throughout the process duration and can be refused at any time if you are found unsuitable or you have made serious transgressions of the club rules.  You will have agreed at the start of the joining process to accept the committee’s decision as final and no reason needs to be given. Minor transgressions or complaints will result in actions proportionate to the misdemeanour. Generally the measures will range from giving advice through to removal from the club. The committee’s review decision is final and there is no formal right of appeal.

The process is controlled by the Membership Secretary and you should contact him for any advice you may need. A detailed description of the joining rule can be found in the Club Rules and Guides booklet. Please read it carefully.

Sorry if the above seems long winded and restraining. When first considered it is often seen as a maximum of an eighteen month trial period however if you view the Associate stage as your first twelve months as a member then the process to enjoy nearly all the membership benefits can be achieved in just four months. (Subject to positive reviews).

Should you have any questions or would like further advice please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary

Best of luck in your application

Membership Secretary