Joining TNC

Membership is open to all genuine naturists. Families, couples and singles, all ages are welcome

Those wishing to apply for membership will be required to attend the club a minimum of four visit on different weekends over a period of three calendar months.

The ‘Welcome to TNC pack’ contains a ‘Visits blue card’, on which to record your 4 visits these visits must be signed off at the time of the visit by the Duty Officer, this card along with an up to date photo will form the basis of your records (Which are kept under lock and key) During your visits please do introduce yourself to any members of the committee that you meet. When you have completed at least 4 visits please give your application form and blue card to reception. You will be invited to meet the committee at the next committee meeting. (They are normally on the second Sunday of the month) They will then consider your application for membership. You are still able to visit as a day visitor.

Probationary membership will then be granted at the discretion of the committee.

Probationary membership lasts for a period of twelve months.  Other than in exceptional circumstances, probationary members will be offered full membership at the end of this period, at the discretion of the committee.

If you are considering applying for membership please do ask in reception for an information pack.