Joining TNC

Membership is open to all genuine naturists. Families, couples and singles, all ages are welcome

To be eligible to become a member you need to demonstrate you are of good repute and have a genuine interest in naturism. When the committee feels that you fulfill this criteria, the committee will decide to make  to make an offer to become a temporary member. Within the offer of temporary membership a temporary pass will be given.

In order to gain probationary membership, applicants will complete four trial visits to the club. Each trial visit must be for at least 3 hours and must be at the club on any Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday within a six month period. These visits will be recorded on the temporary pass and countersigned by a Committee officer. On completion of the four trial visits the committee may, at its discretion, make or decline to make an offer of membership to the applicant.

A minimum 12 month probationary period, which may be extended at the committee’s discretion, will be required prior to acceptance as a full member. Members are expected to contribute regularly to the care and upkeep of club facilities. Probationary Associates are expected to demonstrate their integration into club life.