Want to visit

Whether you already are a naturist, or wish to try naturism for the first time in a safe environment, you are welcome. If you like what you’ve seen about the club so far, why not make a booking to visit?

If you’re new to naturism, please do let us know and we’ll do our best to put you at your ease. We certainly won’t expect you to take your clothes off the moment you arrive on site.  Be sure to bring a large towel to sit on, along with your sun tan lotion and some comfortable footwear. If you’re planning to use the pool, then bring an extra towel, shampoo, soap etc. so that you can shower and dry off afterwards. If you have any questions about etiquette during your visit then by all means ask away.

You’ll find that in many respects, we’re like a regular camp site. We just happen to have a different dress code. If you’d like a bit more information about naturism before taking the plunge, please see our links page.

The majority of our visitors book to use their own Caravan, Motorhome or Tent, but we do also accept bookings for Day Visits. However the club can be very quiet during the week therefore day visitors can only be accommodated on Saturdays and Sundays (including Bank holiday Fridays/ Saturdays) when people will be available to greet you and show you around.

Please always bring two towels, one to sit on, if unclothed and one if you wish to use the pool or the showers. Only in the pool and sauna is it compulsory to be naked.

Visitors who are visiting the club for the first time will need to complete a Visitor Registration Form before they can make an online booking. Unfortunately we no longer take bookings by phone.