Adult website policy

It has come to our attention that the TNC website is being linked from sites that contain content of an adult nature. While we cannot control what others publish on the Internet, we prefer to distance ourselves from such websites. We believe that adult-oriented material is incompatible with genuine naturism and do not wish to encourage any associations that we feel are detrimental to the club and to naturism as a whole.

For the record: Telford Naturist Club operates a policy of family-suitable nudity. Our philosophy is that there is nothing shameful about the human body, and we consider ‘naked’ to be a perfectly decent state of dress in an appropriate environment such as our club. Normal social conventions apply at TNC, and any behaviour that would be inappropriate in an equivalent non-naturist context is equally inappropriate at our club.

If you found the TNC website through a genuine interest in naturism, then we hope that you will take this as assurance that TNC is a genuine naturist club. If you discovered the TNC website via an adult oriented site, then we respectfully ask you to consider whether a genuine naturist club is what you’re really looking for.

Note to website owners

If you operate a website and find that your site’s ability to link to the TNC website has been blocked (403 ‘Forbidden’ error) then your site or service provider may have been identified as hosting content or links that we consider to be incompatible with naturism. If you believe that this classification has been made in error, then please send the URL of the page containing the link to