1st Visit

Down Grange lane first on the left

The reception once inside the gate

Reception and changing room.

Reception and changing room.

Whether you already are a naturist, or wish to try naturism for the first time in a safe environment, you are welcome. If you are planning to stay overnight (or longer) you may arrive on any day by prior arrangement. We are busier at week-ends and therefore day visitors can only be accommodated on Saturdays and Sundays. You need to book any visit in advance via the phone numbers in the  ‘contact’ section, or the e-mail service. The charge for a day visit is £12 per person or £15 for a couple.

If it is your first visit, you will be required to provide Photo identity e.g. a Passport or a driving licence and proof of your address e.g. a recent utility bill.

There is a changing room within the reception building with lockers for your clothes, if the weather is good enough.

Please always bring two towels, one to sit on, if unclothed and one if you wish to use the pool or the showers. Only in the pool and sauna is it compulsory to be naked.