Club Rules

TNC has developed a tradition of friendship and informality.  We are not fond of rules and regulations, preferring to rely on common sense, courtesy and consideration for each other.  However we do have a rule book and as we are a limited company we have a set of articles by which we must abide. These will be issued when you join. We don’t have times of day when you must be naked and times when you must not.  Nudity is acceptable and encouraged at any time of the day or night but is never compulsory, other than in the pool, hot tub and sauna.

Pets are welcome, although dogs must be kept on a lead and under control when outside of the owner’s tent/caravan.  With the exception of guide dogs and other disability assistance dogs, animals are not permitted inside any of the club buildings.

Visitors should consult with the duty officer or one of the committee members if they wish to take photographs during their stay.  While photography is not prohibited, there are rules in place to protect the privacy of our members and guests.

As we are a Family Club, we unfortunately do not allow Genital Adornments/Jewellery (Below the Waist) to be on display whilst at the club, therefore, we ask that you temporarily remove or cover them up.