Members Fees

Members fees for 1st May 2017 to 30th April 2018

Club enrolment Donation (1) £40.00 per adult member one-off fee
Club membership subscription (2) £100.00 per adult member per annum
Over 70s subscription (2)

Honorary Members nominal fee to cover costs

£75.00 per member per annum


Permanent caravan pitch (2) £450.00 per pitch per annum
Temporary serviced pitch (3 & 4) £12.00 per night
Temporary unserviced pitch (3 & 4) £8.00 per night
Overnight fee for a member using another Members caravan

Non-member.                                      (UP TO 2 ADULTS SHARING)

£5.00 per night

£8.00 pernight

  1. A one-off payment made at time of enrolment
  2. Payable each year on a pro-rata basis.  Arrangements can be made to pay by instalments. [See Mandate button below, a copy is included in April’s Newsletter] Or ask any committee member for one.
  3. Whether occupied by a caravan, motorhome or tent
  4. One pup tent free of charge when occupied by children and within the paid-for pitch

Members’ guests (family & close friends) are allowed 3 x 24hr visits per year free of Temporary Membership fees, provided the Visitors’ Book is signed. A single overnight members un-serviced pitch fee is still payable per visit (1 or 2 persons) if the guest stays with the member in the members caravan overnight.  Otherwise normal pitch fees are payable.

Sauna – Free on Friday and Saturday   (From 4-9pm only)   Also free on a Bank Holiday Sundays
Sauna – at other times 4 or more £1.50 with a minimum charge of £6